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Desert Hot Springs

Rainbow Spa RV Park



Rainbow Spa is a permanent resident Senior RV park with a lot going for us. We are close enough to the big city without being "in town". Within a few miles there are restaurants to suit every taste, enough golf courses to boggle the mind, theatres, concerts and of course, casinos.

Within our park we have a natural hot mineral water well which supplies 2 hot spas, one having temperatures of 98-100 degrees, the other 102-104, and a swimming pool that is maintained at 88-90 degrees. There are dances, potlucks, games, crafts, billiards, breakfasts and more. If you are not busy enough here, there are nearby parks that offer garage sales, breakfast, bingo and other activities. We welcome dogs under 35 pounds.  You can be as busy as you want or totally laid back. Everyone is encouraged to join in, but itís up to you.

We personally think we have the greatest park. Since we are a cooperative park, getting to know your neighbors and volunteering to help on different projects is very rewarding. We hope you enjoy your time here and become an active member.

There are spaces for sale or to sublease.  If interested please feel free to contact our office at 760-329-7165 or see our sale or sublease section.