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                                             RAINBOW RAYS

                                                By Bev Stinson

February 24, 2015

Fifth annual golf Tourney called "Hit and Giggle" at Hidden Springs on Tuesday February  24th.  There were 34 male and female golfers.  First place winners were Pete Hopton and Tom Holsather.

Awards were given for first, second and third place as well as KP for male and female. Norm Arial won KP for the men and Tom Nugent won KP for women.  "Wow, how did he happen to win the women's KP?"

The 19th hole was held at the "Club House" where refreshments were available along with funny golfing stories.  Everybody had a great time and looking forward to next year's Tourney.


February 19, 2015

Another week of fun and frolic and another one coming up.  Tonight is a dinner dance with music and the whole shebang!  The gals worked very hard and the clubhouse if ready for the fun.  The decorations by Pat G and her group are awesome.  More next week on what happens tonight.  Names included, they deserve applause.  Feeding nearly 90 people is a big job!

Well, it has happened, the Activities ladies voted unanimously to have Jimmy Burgess as their first male president!  Wait until he sees his gavel AND this article!  Love this guy and he's a good sport. We are blessed to have him and Carol with us.

We have a great park, lots to do and if you get too tired, TAKE A NAP!!

Tom Nugent's pancake breakfast was full.  Pancakes to perfection plus ham, oj, eggs, coffee and as many pancakes as you can eat! Trust me, this is a super breakfast.

It's getting warm and you can tell by the "bobbers" in the pool, full and conversations travel from side to side, middle and back again.
I hear the plane bringing in President Obama, love watching his security guys, their eyes never quit from side to side, up and down.
We here at Rainbow salute all the troops and thank the U.S.A., Canada and our allies for keeping us the land of the free.  We have a lot veterans here in the park who have done their duty, some 30 years of service.  They are pleased to know that we care and thank them.

February 5, 2015

Street Fair -- 5:00 a.m., everyone busy getting ready for the big event - all bright eyed and bushy tailed.  2:00 p.m.,. tired eyes and bushy tails draggin'!!!  HOWEVER, I have a hunch that most were not too tired to tip a few, I know that I did.  Whoopee!  Another successful event made possible by the "big kahuna" Harry Lord!  Outstanding job again by Harry and all the great workers - WOW!  

Sally's clowns always a hit, who in the world is under those painted faces and costumes???  Evie the Mime was at her finest -- what was she on?  

Traveling George, plus a few others entertained us - sorry I don't know all of their names - I enjoyed the "spoon" player using wooden spoons.  We are lucky to have the "Song Bird" Jeanne Huber who moved here fromVictorville.  She retired from her band days, BUT still loves to sing and she sure did for all at the Street Fair!!  She sang one diddy that was so fast that I don't know how she did all those lyrics AND from memory.  Whew!

Food was great as usual, they all worked hard to keep us fed and watered.

Hollywood has the Oscars, we have the Gazelle Awards.  Monica Nivala won for the writing and directing of her lastest, The Oldies/ Newlywed Game.  Second place went to all the wives, who sang to their hubbies and the the third, of course, went to the hubbies, who sang back to the wives.  The Gazelle Award was created by Marion Lord with help from Karen T., who did the writing and art work.


December 18, 2014

Many are back from their summer homes, AND, now most are heading back for the Christmas holidays with their families.  We got back just in time for the Halloween Party in the Rose Garden hosted by Barbara Ann.  It was fun, lots of laughs and cute costumes.  Sally won the most scary/dressed up witch possible.

The Rose Garden was used a lot while waiting for the clubhouse to get fully restored after a leak. Patty Ann was on the insurance company like a puppy nipping at the heels of the mailman.  She got the job done as she usually does.  Even Koffee Klatch was out there, fun to see it used and everyone was mixed up, not like grade school with boys on one side and girls on the other.  Think I even remember Sandy sitting on Boris' lap getting really cozy :)  After all he is her husband!

The Winter Ball was a success with Matt Jenkins filling the house as usual.  Dance floor was never empty.  Susan Coulombe, daughter of Tom, was here visiting from New York.  She was the Belle of the Ball, danced all night and even wore out a few guys who wandered in from Quail Valley.  Whew, what a gal and she had a super duper time.  I wonder if Dad was able to get in a dance???  Susan even went to the casino, well, we won't talk about that one!

Went to the pool to get some news, we "bobbed" around for an hour or so AND THIS is what I came out with.  Romano was on a "roll".  He has been reading about the Mafia in the local paper.  Not to be out done, he said that he had been a "hit man" - three for $175,000 and two of the big boys for $100,00 each.  Then he swam away from us all and proceeded to try to revive two bees.  STOP! STOP! ROMANO - they can use their stingers twice and you will get bit!

Thanksgiving was delicious with the Activities buying the turkeys and the volunteers doing a long day's work getting it ready.  Came and went and before we realized it, here comes December and Christmas is fast on the way.  Our park really could use an extra week in every month as our calendar is filled to the last "second" of the month.  We are a VERY BUSY place.

Burbon Street is all "lit up" in more ways than one.  Pat and Rick, aka Lucy and Desi, must be into mischief,   hmmmmmmmmmmmm  Did I missed something????

Sally has gone to Ocotillo Wells a couple of times.  One for Thanksgiving and this time for a visit with granddaughter Riley and all the other family.  She brought over a picture of herself riding on a sand buggy, AND, having a great time of course.  I did not recognize her in all her getup, goggles, leather, etc.  It's called "riding gear" and she certainly didn't look like someone to bring home to meet Mother! What would this park do without our Sally?  We would be absolutely bored.

Please get on your "prayer bones" and remember those in need, ill or in harm's way.  God bless the USA, Canada and all our allies for keeping us the land of the free.



April 5, 2014

It has happened.  We have enjoyed the last big event of the season.  Marian and Harry Lord did another spectacular "Trailer Trash" party.  Potluck dinner - food right from the gas stations - and then the event.  I do not know where they come up with their ideas, but the clubhouse was filled to the rafters and no one got bored and left.

Marian would read a question and each table had to say whether it was "Fact or Crap".  A guy or gal from each table sat on a chair across the clubhouse - all sections marked to go ahead or stay.  If your table got the question right your person got to go ahead.  You cannot imagine the questions - some so ridiculous that you certainly had to say CRAP!  Wrong answer:(  Haaaa! 

Lots of laughs at the trailer trash costumes/getups of trailer trash people - No one recognized Chuck Niemi with his beard, longish hair and fun clothes.  Vernelle had a flat belly this year and we looked for the "father" of the ever so pregnant Marian's rather "ready to birth" belly.  Who was it???  No one answered, then Chuck N said -- ME!!  We asked Marian at coffee on Monday and she said not right, it was Mike N.  Lots of "belly" (pun on words, laughs at the confession:)  Who was the father??? 

It seems everyone wanted to know who the cute little blonde was -- no one had an answer for that one either.  Then on the street a couple of days later, Bob and Margaret stopped to gab.  I asked why they weren't at the party.  "WE WERE"!  Margaret was the blonde.

THANK YOU HARRY AND MARIAN for a real treat and all the hard work you did in preparing it for us.  You can see pictures in the Members section under activities.

That's it for this season, it has been my pleasure to write these articles.  Pray for those in need, in harm's way, or ill.  God bless the U.S.A., Canada and our allies for keeping us the land of the free.