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Rainbow Spa

A gentleman saw a huge "sandbox" of bare land and knew that there was a mile wide hot water plain under that property.  His brain worked overtime and he purchased that land on July 14, 1984.  He planned a recreational vehicle park for motor homes, travel trailers, and park models with a heated pool and mineral hot water spas.  Mr. Pac went to work on his plan and therein happened Rainbow Spa.

How did the name Rainbow Spa come into the plan, hmmmm, perhaps it was his post of gold at the end of the rainbow?

Wayne Pratt was called on to be the builder and he began immediately.

In 1987 Riverside County approved the clubhouse and in 1993 the title to the property was approved.  The sales began with Mr. St. Pierre putting the first park model on lot number 6.  Bill Nunes put one on Lot 8, and Reggie Ware on Lot 59.  Soon Mel and Yvonne Dodd purchased lots 9 and 11.  It has gone on from there.

Rainbow Spa is a gated community with a fence all around, hidden by flowering oleanders affording complete privacy.  Palm trees, fruit trees and flower beds are seen everywhere.

Rainbow Spa is a park where we feel like family.  Need help?  There they are.

There was a steering committee in the years 1986, 1987, and 1988.  $150 was paid to assert the title to Rainbow Spa.  1988 and 1989, Mel Dodd was the first Director.  We have a full board of directors and a monthly meeting for members to know what's happening.

Rainbow is a busy place.  Along side the clubhouse we have what is called the "Rose Garden" where a lot of folks meet to visit, wait for laundry to get done, or to just relax, read a book, or have a get together. It used to be a horse shoe pit -- yucky sand -- now it is full of blossoming roses!

Our activities committee keeps us busy with events such as our large street fair, dances, and holiday meals and parties in the clubhouse. If there is a holiday, there just has to be a party!  Just a few are Christmas/New Years, Valentines, Mardi Gras, Super Bowl, Spring Fling, St Patrick's - complete with corned beef meal and a golf card parade.  That is just part of what we take our vitamins for!! 

The clubhouse  changes with the party as we have a wonderful group that keeps it decorated for the events -- such as Bourbon Street in New Orleans!  And yes we dress for each occasion.

Rainbow is kept clean and "polished" by all of caring volunteers -- making this a "home away from home".  There are several committees which keep the park up to date and the best park around.  We invite you to drop in and see for yourselves.